Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"New Memories Coming Up 2012-2013"

Hello everyone!
Summer is winding down and school will be back in session soon.  Holli has her classes set up at Northeast and is an official Mustang! Abby will be in the 8th grade!    It is hard to believe how fast time is moving right before my eyes!  God is good and I am certainly blessed with all that He allows me to be a part.  I plan to share as many photos as possible this year on my photo web site, http://www.MemoryPrintsPhotography.com and also on my blogs.  I have several stories that I hope to post on my personal blog, http://www.dodotburgess.blogspot.com .  I am also working on several video projects and those will be posted on my YouTube Channel  http://www.YouTube.com/dodotburgess I have changed my system of posting and my pricing schedule.  Basically my new pricing schedule will be by order per print(s) as most of my sessions are set up within a scheduled event such as a ballgame or a group activity.  I will schedule some "special" group sessions and set up a "package deal" for those sessions.  The "buy it now" buttons that are already in place on my site will basically stay the same, but the session prices will be changed.  Please watch for the changes as I also plan some special prices and discounts on some of the individual photos.  I am constantly adding new photos to albums already on my website, and also adding new albums. Many times my photos are uploaded to an external drive and get "lost in the shuffle" and it may be days or weeks before I find them, edit and put the photos in the correct album.   I will only post previews and notices of new photos on facebook.  This new arrangement will apply to most of my photo albums.  I have in the past tried to post the bulk of photos that were taken at any event.  This is very time consuming and sometimes confusing, therefore I am going to try to keep the facebook albums small and keep the bulk of the albums on my website. 

I have added several new pieces of photography equipment and editing programs, including a new video/photo program with Animoto that will work hand in hand with my Adobe CS6 Extended Master Suite programs, which includes several video templates and music arrangements, produce a wide array of features, and will allow effects from grunge to precious vintage, personalized composites arranged from formal to the dusty sports field.  From the entrance to the finish.   I have so many other specialty items available and just waiting to display your memories.  From the smallest dog tag with chain, personalized keychains, sports ticket bookmarks, personalized sports cards, to family Christmas cards,  photo books, just to mention a few.  I will post a list of items on my pricing page soon.  I am ready to help you collect your memories and help you save them to enjoy over and over again!  There is nothing sweeter or more precious than a memory that I can help you capture through the lens of my camera!  
Member, Professional Photographers of America
You can contact me at:
Deborah L. Burgess
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