Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pricing Information For Memory Prints Photography

You have my permission to use individual photos for publication elsewhere ONLY if my logo remains intact and the photo has not been altered in ANY way. DO NOT FOR ANY REASON crop my photos and use on facebook or any other public publication.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.
Print Pricing
This temporary price list applies to random photos that are shown on my website. I have listed the basic sizes here but I can order any size photo you want. Prices are available on request. I am in the process of setting up my shopping cart on my website. Some of my albums already have the shopping carts for purchase. It won't be long before all albums are operational and  many other items will be offered for purchase at great prices! Hopefully it will be up and running soon and in time to order gift items! If there is a specific item that you are looking for before the site is complete, just send an email, let me know what you want and I will send the pricing info directly to you. Photo Books, Postcards, Photo Mugs, Keyrings, Canvas Wrapped Prints, just to mention a few items will be included. Please look for my catalog of Christmas Cards soon! I will post the information on my websites and also on facebook. I have over 200 Christmas Card designs to choose from!

Kodak © Endura Finish4x6 $5 for 1 $4 2 or more
5x7 $6 for 1 $5 2 or more
8x10 $9 for 1 $8 2 or more
11x14 $24 for 1 $20 2 or more
16x20 $65 for 1 $50 2 or more
8 wallets 10.00 16 for $16

Kodak © Endura Metallic Finish4x6 $6 $5 2 or more
5x7 $7 $6 2 or more
8x10 $12 $10 2 or more
11x14 $ 35 $25 2 or more
16x20 $80 $65 2 or more
8 wallets $12.00 16 for $16

Photos in my galleries are either numbered or will have a name. Until my shopping cart is in operation on every album,  to place an order for photos I will need:

4. Your Name
5. Address
6. EMAIL ADDRESS is a must
7. Phone Number
After receiving and verifying your order, I will send a confirmation email with your total. ALL ORDERS MUST BE PRE-PAID BEFORE PHOTOS ARE PROCESSED, UNLESS YOU HAVE MADE ARRANGEMENTS WITH ME PRIOR MY ORDER. I accept and prefer PAYPAL if you have an account. If you don't, but have a credit card, it is easy to set up a paypal account and pay through them. All you need is an email address. I also accept cash or checks. If you are paying through paypal, I will send a request for payment when I receive your order. If you are paying by check or money order please send payment to:
Deborah L. Burgess
Memory Prints Photography
P. O. Box 234
Section, AL 35771

Or: You can bring your order and payment to THE BAG, 506 W. Laurel St., Scottsboro, AL 35768 and leave it with Melanie.
Please note: Your check must clear my bank before I can place your order, AGAIN, UNLESS YOU HAVE MADE PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS WITH ME CONCERNING PAYMENTTHIS WOULD BASICALLY APPLY TO A SCHOOL ORGANIZATION, ETC.  Once I place an order I am responsible to my printing company for the payment  and the order CAN NOT be cancelled once placed, so therefore I can not offer refunds or exchanges. For orders that are placed from "group shoots" such as ballgames, etc. a "pick up" date will be set for delivery when possible. Notice will be sent with times and /or place.

Your order will be processed within 24 hours. Please expect delivery 7-10 BUSINESS (Monday through Friday) days from the date you place the order.

I add photos to my website on a daily basis so please check back often to see all the new photos! I will guarantee that you will see someone you know! Be sure to sign my guestbook while you are there!

I enjoy photography and love helping others "make memories"! We can do this together! I look forward to hearing from you and if I can help in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me with any question you may have!


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